Scaffold Training

Scaffold safety training is necessary the erection and use of scaffold. OSHA requires employers to provide or ensure that their employees receive the necessary safety training. OSHA also requires the scaffold be erected by a “competent person” who will certainly be required to have a higher degree scaffold safety training.

“Scaffolds are only safe when they are designed, built located, and used properly.  These goals are most efficiently achieved by proper training;” said OSHA in its 1986 Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for the revision of the scaffold standards. OSHA proposed to require employees to be trained in the proper way to build, use and maintain scaffold.

The OSHA scaffold standards require employers to train their employees on the safe use and hazard recognition when working on scaffolds. The minimum scaffold training requirements are set forth in 29 CFR 1926.454.

Personal Investment

John’s interest in safety for his employees and customers led him to become deeply involved in the development of the Scaffold and Access Industry Association’s “Scaffold Safety Training Program”. This program was developed jointly by the SAIA and the Alberta Institute of Technology and is widely used in the US and Canada.

John Jordan PhotoJohn served on both the Steering and Advisory Committees to determine the curriculum and final training material for the Scaffold Training Program. The scaffold safety training program was developed over a four year period by a group of selected knowledgeable people in the scaffold industry throughout the United States and Canada. The Steering and Advisory Committees performed detailed analysis to identify what knowledge and experience was necessary for a person to be considered a fully competent scaffold person. The course material for the scaffold training program was reviewed, edited, and ultimately approved by the Steering Committee.

John served as the first President of the Scaffold & Access Industry Association Scaffold Training Program which now provides comprehensive scaffold and safety training throughout the United States and Canada.

John personally trained his employees and conducted scaffold training for numerous organizations and individuals.  John can provide on-site scaffold safety training for your scaffold company person and scaffold users.


John is an accredited trainer for the Scaffold & Access Industry Association. The SAIA offers training for both supported and suspended scaffolding through the Scaffold & Access Industry Association Training Program. Training programs include User Hazard Awareness Training, Primary Access Training, and Competent Person Training.

Safety Training Benefits
  • Promote a safer workplace for employees and customers.
  • Meet government safety training requirements.
  • Meet insurance requirements.
  • Meet Competent Person training requirements.
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